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ABOUT U.S. "Hao Gang"

The company was established in the Chinese market for over 24 years. Has its ownpharmaceutical factory.

Drugs produced by the company are sold in pharmacies in China and countries in south-east Asia.
Since 2003, in addition to drugs, the company began to produce supplements. In 2009 the decision was the company's development through network marketing and market entry in Europe.
In April 2009 the company was "Haogang Technology Co.., Ltd.".
It started its development from a series of products "bitter buckwheat", thenintroduced a series of supplements under the brand "Healthwish" - soft capsules soybutter, and the products of turmaline - "Chinfond" and cosmetic line "Criusk".
Gang Hao Company in 2010 already functioned in 17 countries.
In May 2010 the company opened representative office in Moscow, Hao Gang.

The strategic goal is to build a network of consumers who will be able to buyeverything, starting with toothpaste, computer, car, ending on tourist services.

The prospect of the company:

Wonderful Life

Mission Statement:

Unlimited possibilities for action and assistance to all partners in the realization of their dreams.

Our company slogan:

Kindness, honesty, wisdom, diligence.

The company "HAO Gang" is "OCEAN OF OPPORTUNITIES"!


Meaning the logo:

Company logo consists of two letters - "HG"
Green: the development and stability, harmony and understanding.
Parallel lines: rapid growth and distribution networks.
Straight lines: a straightforwardness in the relations between the partners.


Production base is located in China. Sphere of business is to develop, manufacture and sale of health products from ecologically clean raw materials.
Production base health products company has international quality certificates ISO 9001: 2000 and GMP, has been rewarded many times by the Chinese Association of Industry, Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, by various committees of the government of China and by many institutions and organizations.